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Sunday, August 27, 2017

We don't deserve dogs

Dogs of all kinds are exposed to each and every person around the globe. So if you have a dog or not it doesn't matter you know and hear about the species that is beloved by most people. Though the scenario of most dogs in a normal household aren't thought as anything but a pet.

One of the first of foremost traits of a dog is their loyalty, in almost any case they will find or wait for their owner to love them and take them into their care again. While this can be disputed on a case by case basis the premise of it is that dogs are more trustworthy than humans. As said dogs will do almost anything for their owner such as, staying in one place waiting for their owner to return, protecting their owner from anyone who so dares step foot in their owners territory, and even staying and loving their owner until either of them dies. As much for many humans, who can be unreliable and unpredictable with how they act, they are not as adept to be in such a position for a relationship. Now i'm not saying that you need to replace all people with dogs, its just that in lots of cases dogs are more reliable than any human could ever be.

There are many other traits that could be described, such as, compassion, understanding, and the willingness for companionship, which, in some cases, outclass humans completely. Though while some think that it's absurd, think about all of the hardships humans go through, such as famine, war, and disease. Dogs have to go through the same situations because they live with them, but not as often as humans do you hear a dog complain and cause troubles throughout the world. There as I state, I believe that as humans, we do not deserve dogs, and they should be acknowledged as a superior species, not by their knowledge, but by how they live. As you may know humans are creatures who fight over petty things like, how they live their life, who has a bigger piece of a metaphorical pie, and just because they don't like each other. Though I ask you a question, have you ever seen a war between dogs? Have you ever seen dogs destroy an entire city? Have you seen dogs kill masses of others just because? As such said there are many reasons as why we humans do not deserve dogs, as they throw away their life to serve someone such as you.

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  1. I really like this framework for your this I believe--you do a really great job of highlighting the qualities of dogs that humans ought to aspire to. The reflection as a whole would be made more powerful with more attention to some specific examples. Do you have a dog? It would be great to begin with an actual story of your actual dog...or maybe an actual story of an actual human and a dog, in which the human was acting way worse than the dog.

    I also think that "we don't deserve dogs" is a great way to put this, but that perhaps the piece would be more meaningful if you built off this to suggest that we should work harder to be deserving of dogs.

    Still a lot of grammar stuff in here, but this is more clear than your last post by far. Try to avoid adding extra words for "flourish" or "emphasis" (like "there as I state" and "as said", because these actually end up being useless words that water down the power of your writing.

    "first AND foremost" - but this is actually kind of redundant.

    "As much for many humans..." = maybe "The same can't be said for many humans..."