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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Practice TOK essay

“Some areas of knowledge seek to describe the world, whereas others seek to transform it.” Explore this claim with reference to the human sciences and one other area of knowledge.

The claim itself has ambiguity because it talks about "the world" but that could mean multiple things and change the answers for some areas of knowledge. If you were talking within the realm of natural sciences, referring to if it describes or transforms, if we say "the world" is the world of natural sciences. So in this scenario knowledge seeks to transform this "world", because within the world of science and technology people are constantly advancing and looking for knew ways to transform the world of sciences. Though if you put it into terms of the world in which all knowledge blends, then it would only describe how the world works, because it explains why things that are already in existence, exist and how they work.

Saying that areas of knowledge can seek but don't have to achieve puts them into a position where only seeking is enough to give us understanding, which doesn't really give us tangible reason. If an area of knowledge's goal was to only seek it wouldn't seem to be real "knowledge", in the sense that we have a definite understanding in the topic. Though even within areas of knowledge where there are ambiguities of the definite understanding of something, they are still able to make it accessible and understandable.

Within religious knowledge systems they seek and achieve things that they want to approach. Such as within Christianity they believe that there is a way to either go to heaven or hell. It is something that they define as real, not leaving as a ambiguous understanding of what they believe.

The prompt itself seems as though it wants me to just explore the understandings of human sciences and one other area of knowledge. First of all I have to choose which category that human sciences would fit into. Then I would have to use another area of knowledge and compare the two and how describing and transforming are different.

The title assumes that all the areas of knowledge have to fit in either one category or the other. It also assumes that these areas of knowledge only seek out these things and do not achieve them. So you would have explain how they do that without talking about what they achieve, which is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. It also does seem to definitely include all the areas of knowledge, as if there is one that doesn't meet either "requirement".

Related imageWithin the development of the essay you will have to look towards the how the areas of knowledge would transform something, and not just add new knowledge to the field. It has to actually give us, as humans, a greater understanding of these AOK. And if describes the world it also has to be able to give us accurate understandings of what we already know exist, but don't know how they do or why they do.

Other questions that could come out of the prompt could be: do the ways of knowing have to be set by these standards of transforming or describing? Is there a middle ground? Answering these would bring a greater understanding to the quote and if the quote itself is completely true, partially true, or just false.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bye bye grades!

With the new grades policy it makes me feel that even with my horrible work ethic that I can still, in some aspects, make up assignments that I otherwise don't get to or choose not to do. Though I know that I cannot truly make up these grades, it makes me believe that if I miss an assignment if I make it up in effort in somewhere else I can kind of add it to a whole, even if that's not how the system works; that is how I think about it.

Looking more towards the end of the year grades, I believe that I will either give myself a grade unfitting of myself of either really high, or really low. That is because I know that I miss assignments in TOK more than other classes just because it feels that the class is based around bigger ideas, and that anything that is small and tedious is a waste of time for thought. Though when I think I will miss assignments, I am not talking about the assignments that are about a core topic or something that we spend a week or more on. An example of what I mean would be something of a reflection on something that I already wrote. Yes I understand that the reflections would maybe help to understanding the ideas better and what we did right or wrong, but it feels like a waste of time and not in my interests.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The map of my "free" time

My map began as just a map of how I spend my time playing video games. Though with that it would not give as much insight if I did a map of what I do when I'm goofing off.

The reason the 'free' is in quotations is because most of the time put into these activities is time I should be doing something productive, instead of procrastinating to do it or not do it at all.

Moving on to the practicalities of the map. There a three big distinct islands, that are also divided up inside. The bigger the areas are on the map, the more time I dedicate myself to on it.

 The one of the far left is obviously reserved for napping, as I spend a lot of time doing it, not sleeping, napping.

The next one in the middle is a mix of specific and broad games that I like to spend my time on. The biggest one is League of Legends, which is where I spend most of my time in general. Then it tapers down to games I spend less and less time on. Most of the games towards the top of this island are the ones that I like the most, hence I spend the most time on them. I also tried to put games close to other games that are similar to each other in some aspects, like how League is near Overwatch, but there are some that still don't really match, like Dark Souls and League. There are also a few islands off to the side of the main part. One of the islands is Bloodborne, one of my favorite games, but I put it off on its own island because the games on the mainland near it are similar to it, but also very different from it. The other small island is only there to represent other types of MOBAs, much how League of Legends is one.

The last island, the one on the right, is vaguely things I do through browsers, like google chrome. The set up for this island is similar to the other. The bigger the space is the more time I spend on it, and the areas touching each other are related in some way. The top down is also where my favorite activities are placed.

When drawing the islands I tried to make the outlines of each island almost fit together. But they are  also still different in the aspect that they are different activities.
Also I also purposely didn't add extra detail and color it because I wanted it to go with the theme that I don't spend my time correctly.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We don't deserve dogs

Dogs of all kinds are exposed to each and every person around the globe. So if you have a dog or not it doesn't matter you know and hear about the species that is beloved by most people. Though the scenario of most dogs in a normal household aren't thought as anything but a pet.

One of the first of foremost traits of a dog is their loyalty, in almost any case they will find or wait for their owner to love them and take them into their care again. While this can be disputed on a case by case basis the premise of it is that dogs are more trustworthy than humans. As said dogs will do almost anything for their owner such as, staying in one place waiting for their owner to return, protecting their owner from anyone who so dares step foot in their owners territory, and even staying and loving their owner until either of them dies. As much for many humans, who can be unreliable and unpredictable with how they act, they are not as adept to be in such a position for a relationship. Now i'm not saying that you need to replace all people with dogs, its just that in lots of cases dogs are more reliable than any human could ever be.

There are many other traits that could be described, such as, compassion, understanding, and the willingness for companionship, which, in some cases, outclass humans completely. Though while some think that it's absurd, think about all of the hardships humans go through, such as famine, war, and disease. Dogs have to go through the same situations because they live with them, but not as often as humans do you hear a dog complain and cause troubles throughout the world. There as I state, I believe that as humans, we do not deserve dogs, and they should be acknowledged as a superior species, not by their knowledge, but by how they live. As you may know humans are creatures who fight over petty things like, how they live their life, who has a bigger piece of a metaphorical pie, and just because they don't like each other. Though I ask you a question, have you ever seen a war between dogs? Have you ever seen dogs destroy an entire city? Have you seen dogs kill masses of others just because? As such said there are many reasons as why we humans do not deserve dogs, as they throw away their life to serve someone such as you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Progressive Delineation and How I Live

Progressive delineation, or the learner profile is an International Baccalaureate way of guiding students going through the program, to being more international minded and to "help create a better and more peaceful world." The learner profile consists of ten ways of being progressive into this mindset, which include: being balanced with their physical, mental, and emotions, such as saving time for fun in between work; being inquirers to expand our knowledge further by themselves; and being open-minded to appreciate their and other cultures when learning to understand mindsets to be more caring, in a sense, about each other. There are many more ways of being an international learner which work and expand off of each other, (click here to see a detailed page about the learner profile) and many other of these traits are already known by people but aren't practice in a classroom environment. Within this profiling there are many ways that I unknowingly live my life by.

Most of these "Ways of learning" are already influencing my life without me knowing it. One example is how I'm a risk taker, whether that is good or bad, how I decided to do the IB program knowing the rigor and amount of writing, while I got a 2 on the AP Literature exam. Because I'm this risk taker I've got myself into the program, which will probably shape me for the rest of my educational career or even my life. Another one that already is something big in my life is being open minded and trying to care for the perspective of other things or people.

Though these are just two small examples of how I already use these learning capabilities, just think about being able to use them all together interconnected. Not to mention I will be pushed more towards mastering these skills while going through the Baccalaureate program which will not only impact how I learn and see things through high school and college, but how perceive things for the rest of my life.
Image result for IB learner profile

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The feeling when you clean out your room and find old toys and play with them. The feeling of going back and doing an old habit of yours as a kid. These feelings are usually a mix between embarrassment and nostalgia. Nostalgia is usually connected to a good feeling of remembering something that you used to love.

Nostalgia for me would be sitting around and playing old video games with my brother. Remembering how we bonded and just forgetting everything and having fun. Or maybe going to an old park and looking at all the old and small swings and play sets. Anything that brings me back to a older time of no responsibilities and fun gives me the warm, state. Its like a new emotion everytime you experience it, just as you go back to your older memories, then wham, you get this new sense of emotion that overfills your entire body. 

Though nostalgia is sometimes hard to come by, especially since you can't go looking for, it's something that finds you. It creeps up on you and hits you with an emotional stir of fun, exciting, and child like feelings that keeps you on your feet.

Though almost as quickly as you find this nostalgic feeling it vanishes as quickly as a shooting star in the sky. Although as it happens it usually gives you a warm smile and remembrance for the rest of the day.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Growing up With Video Games

When I was a little kid I loved playing video games, and I still do today. Though there has been changes in what kinds of games that I play.

While growing up and playing games I always played single player games. This was because we couldn't get internet in the middle of nowhere. So since I was around nine or ten years old I would play games such as: Jack and Daxter, Rachet and Clank, Sims, and tons of other games that still are very nostalgic for me. Though around ten I was so happy I could play with my friends, so I started playing online games with them. At first it was kinda weird but fun at the same time. I ended up forgetting about single player games, and got immersed into online play. Then around the age of fourteen I started playing computer games.

These computer games are games that you couldn't imagine playing on console. Either for their complexity or their simplicity, but they always ended up pulling me in. Into the pit of antisocial and social, the pit of spending months of time or spending a few hours playing. The place that I so dearly love and hate at the same time.

When I first started playing these games they were fun and casual. Though as I dug down to the darkest pits of games, they are the most brutal, teeth clenching, mind boggling, and heart wrenching games there could be. You ask yourself , "How could all these things happen from pixels on a screen?" Though the only response I have to offer is, "How about you give it a try?"

Though having such a turn around in games throughout life, I learned to love most of them. I love to play a good single player game like Dark Souls, but I also love to play a online game that I can play match after match on, like League of Legends.

Having so much of my emotions built on games that I've spent so much time on, sometimes I can't imagine what I would have come out to be without them. I can't imagine how I would act, talk, or think without my life being build on the ground up by video games. I can't imagine who I would talk to, or who my friends would be. I can't imagine my life without video games.